but i cd only whisper - Kristiana Colon

...elegantly expressive scenes permeate Nadia Latif’s fine production... there’s such variety to this intelligent and sensitive production. All the scenes tingle differently

- Time Out



Coalition iStock image large



Coalition is an excellent notion for creating work through collaboration... it offers an insightful, and joyous theatrical experience in these dark times. 

- A Younger Theatre



Slaves - by Rex Obano



... excellently directed by Nadia Latif ...the sheer force of the writing and performances make for a riveting experience that is a reminder of what going to the theatre is all about.

- The Stage



Do what you feel in your heart to be right. You'll be criticized anyway. - Eleanor Roosevelt

Wild Horses - by Nimer Rashed

Serving the play’s shifting moods and tones, Nadia Latif’s ingeniously compact production is superbly well acted. It deserves packed houses. 

- Telegraph

Birch's play is a fluid poem... strong performances from Dempsie and Rossi...watching their anarchic descent makes it hit home how fine the line is between being happy and being unutterably sad. 

- Time Out




Even Stillness Breathes Softly Against a Brick Wall - Brad Birch

Octagon - Kristiana Colon

A wonderfully exhilarating ear-opener… electrifying cast… breathtaking 

- The Independent



Nadia Latif’s sparky production of Seaton’s play gets to the core of our fractured society and the divisions and tensions that lurk beneath its polite veneer.

- The Guardian

Fall of the Kingdom, Rise of the Footsoldier - Somalia Seaton

It is gloriously authentic, snapping and crackling with the sense of young people thinking out loud about who they are, freely voicing their experiences and perceptions of the world. In sensitive and difficult times we need complex and challenging plays such as Homegrown.

- The Guardian

Homegrown - co-created with Omar El-Khairy